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With NSNG you’ll receive elite dedicated 1‐2‐1 personal training sessions. You and your Personal Trainer will work together to build a full Programme that will guarantee you see positive results. The NSNG Formula consists of three Steps: Step 1 – the introductory consultation, Step 2 – completing your Programme and Step 3 – the closing consultation. Simple, yet effective, this Formula is proven to get results.

Following your introductory consultation (Step 1) you can choose to schedule a one‐off Personal Training session or you can purchase one of our cost‐effective courses of 10, 20 or 25 sessions. We strongly recommend you commit to at least three sessions per week however we understand that this it’s not always realistic to make this commitment and your Personal Trainer will design your Programme with this in mind and advise how you can achieve your results whilst working‐out both in our Gyms and at home.

Booking with NSNG means you’re committing to change. Change in our line of work usually means improving strength or cardiovascular fitness combined with corrective posture exercises and flexibility work, all enhancing your day‐to‐day activity levels and all‐round health but we need the highest commitment from you. Once you join NSNG we guarantee you’ll feel leaner, stronger, fitter, healthier and more flexible. You make the goal, let us help you achieve it! Contact us now for a consultation.

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What our clients say

Shane has been my personal trainer for over 4 years. He tailors each session to the specific needs of his clients, introduces fun new ways to exercise (I never knew I loved boxing until then!) and is genuinely concerned for his client’s wellbeing....

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