Nutrition and diet play a massive part in any successful health and fitness programme. At NSNG it’s been our greatest area of investment for the past 12 months and what we offer now is a full fitness and nutritional programme that will take you out of your usual daily habits and force you to reconsider what it is exactly you’re doing to your body, the only body you will ever have, the one that you should treat with the upmost respect! One of the best ways you can do this is by paying more attention to what you put into it. Are the things you put into your body mostly things that have a positive effect (although treats are definitely tempting and allowed as part of our nutrition programmes) or mostly things that will have a negative effect? It is a 50/50 split or have you ever stopped, even for a minute, to consider what you’re doing!

It sounds so easy but if it was we wouldn’t be in the midst of an obesity epidemic in the UK. We appreciate that any number of factors can steer people in the wrong direction, from the overload of choice that we experience when we conduct our regular food shops, to the lack of quality time one gets to spend making those choices (when was the last time you strolled through the supermarket without some task or plan to tend to straight after!). The lack of control or planning combined with the sedentary lifestyle that we’re so often forced into (desk jobs ring a bell!) make for a very stressed and lethargic body and its time you thought about your body with a more conscious and self-aware attitude, there really is no excuse.

It doesn’t matter what your fitness and/or health goals are, whether you want to lose weight, tone-up, gain muscle definition, any such health and fitness goal you can think of, you can’t achieve it without a combination of exercise and nutrition and, at NSNG, we put as much focus on nutrition and diet as we do on our personal training. It’s vital to understand the impact that your diet has on your ability to perform and how to maintain a healthy diet. Our Formula will first take a look at what your current diet consists of and what changes your body can handle before any plans are finalised. After this dietary analysis is carried out a draft dietary plan is created and sent to you for your feedback and approval. Once you’ve confirmed you’re happy with the plan it will finalised and we’ll work with you on a daily basis, encouraging you to succeed and reminding you that small changes today make for big changes in the future, even as little as one, two, three weeks away. So what are you waiting for..Contact us now to discuss your plan!

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Shane has been my personal trainer for over 4 years. He tailors each session to the specific needs of his clients, introduces fun new ways to exercise (I never knew I loved boxing until then!) and is genuinely concerned for his client’s wellbeing....

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