Feel the benefit of a Massage from the comfort of your own home. Hayley plays a significant role in our Formula and our client’s overall ‘No Shane No Gain experience’ and although we often find that our clients are oblivious to their own small knots and minor injuries, Hayley can effectively identify the source of any discomfort, known or otherwise, and help significantly enhance their day-to-day life experience, with proven improvements to our client’s level of workplace comfort, their ability to perform everyday tasks while also enabling them to broaden the variety of their workout, thus facilitating the achievement of parallel fitness goals i.e. weight loss.

Hayley’s Profile

Hayley is our in-house mobile Professional Masseuse with over 12 years Professional experience in the beauty and fitness industry. Hayley uses her skills as a Masseuse to bring about significant physical and physiological changes in people’s bodies and minds and describes the ‘key’ part of her profession as “finding the right technique for the right problem”. To know Hayley is to understand that her passion in life is to help others and, with a keen interest in the fitness industry, this career path has afforded her the perfect opportunity to use her skills and experience to help people achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals and to assist them in the transformation of their lives in a number of ways.

Hayley qualified as a Professional Masseuse in 2006 having completed the International massage Diploma with Distinction. Quickly after qualifying Hayley was recruited by SOL to establish a team of seven Professional Masseuses in Dubai where she trained and moulded them into a team of professionals.

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What our clients say

Shane has been my personal trainer for over 4 years. He tailors each session to the specific needs of his clients, introduces fun new ways to exercise (I never knew I loved boxing until then!) and is genuinely concerned for his client’s wellbeing....

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