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Zoom Group Packages are consecutive. Once bought they have a 10 week expiry date. To be used once a week. However if you chose to do more sessions they will be deducted from your package. Please see the description below to find out where and what times we do our zooms.


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Our zoom group classes are held on a Monday Wednesday and Friday at 6pm London local time. Monday is Full Body Toning (weights or water bottles needed). Wednesday is Fat Burn / HIIT. (body weight exercises and a fitness mat required) And Friday is our Abs group class. (just a fitness mat required)

Our classes are held by the No Shane No Gain Team and while we want you to enjoy our classes they are by no means a walk in the park. We want you to feel the benefits of our teams training techniques. So grab your fitness equipment and your water. And lets do this.

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1 Zoom Group Video Call, 10 x Zoom Calls


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