30 Day Abs Programme


This 30 day Abs program has everything you need to transform your stomach in 30 days. You have 30 pages of tips and tricks, workouts, nutrition, and a detailed workout program that leaves nothing unturned. I have put my 15 years of experience into this E-book and you may or not know but Abs happens to be my speciality so i have thrown in a few of my favourite routines to help give you that killer ab burn. I never shy away from telling you, your participation is key if you are not willing to try hard do not bother downloading this program.

But if you are willing to put the work in, download it and you can thank me in 30 days. NSNG



Don’t Start a journey if you aren’t willing to finish it. start today and be ready to absolutely smash your goals. this program holds everything you need to know so have a good read of the program before you go ahead and get into it. NSNG

What’s included:

Written by Shane Williams. Founder of No Shane No Gainexperience
For Men & Women
Download on any smart device
Detailed exercise plan designed to shred fat and define your physique
Full list of stretches and images to follow
Weight training routines
In depth exercise plan to help achieve leaner youexercises
Full 7 day nutrition chart to follow


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