NSNG Formula

Here at NSNG we’ve created a 3‐Step Formula which we consider to be the winning Formula to help you achieve the results you seek.

Step 1 ‐ we invite you to attend a formal Consultation with your Personal Trainer. This
consultation usually lasts approximately 1.5 hours during which your Personal Trainer will:

  • Identify any physical and psychological traits particular to you as an individual. To provide a safe and manageable Programme we need to note any physical and psychological issues you may endure i.e. asthma, long‐lasting medical conditions and any surgeries you may have undergone, your sleep levels and current eating‐habits. We ask that all our clients take a before picture to evidence your transformation which is an excellent motivational tool.
  • Review your current fitness and activity levels. We keep a detailed record of your height, weight, bodily measurements, body fat percentages, visceral fat levels, lean skeletal muscle levels and metabolic rate at the time you join NSNG so we can track your progress as you work through your Programme. To prepare a personalised and efficient Programme we note the level of exercise you participate in prior to joining NSNG (if any) and identify your limits.
  • Discuss your reasons for seeking the expertise of NSNG. Whether you’re hoping to lose weight, improve your overall stamina, prepare for a physical challenge such as a marathon or a wedding or you’re simply seeking to improve your overall fitness and lifestyle, we want you to know that our Personal Trainers are here to help YOU reach YOUR goals, whatever they are. Everyone has their own reasons for joining NSNG and the consultation is the perfect opportunity to turn them into a reality.
  • Crystallise your goals and ambitions. Once we’ve discussed your reasons for joining NSNG your Personal Trainer will create a Programme to get you there! Post‐ consultation, our Nutritionist will review the relevant information and contact you directly to prepare a diet‐plan suitable to help you achieve your goals and to suit
    your lifestyle. Your Personal Trainer will provide the contact information for our in‐ house Professional Masseuse and physiotherapists as and when required.

Once the consultation is over and we have all your information on file we move on to Step 2.

Step 2 – now that you and NSNG have been formally acquainted you can start your Programme. By now you would have been in touch with one of our Nutritionists and been provided a diet‐plan to ensure your nutritional intake supports your work‐outs. We have three beautiful locations in London where your Personal Trainer will provide a dedicated 1‐2‐1 work‐out. Our areas of focus can be found here.

Once you’ve completed your Programme we move on to Step 3.

Step 3 – once you’ve completed your Programme we invite you to a closing consultation during which we discuss your results, ask for your feedback and present you with your file which you are welcome to keep as a record of your progress. As a way of thanking you for taking part in our Programme you also offer you a NSNG t‐shirt so that you can continue to improve your life in significant ways!

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