About Shane Williams

Shane Williams here, Founder and Owner of No Shane No Gain (NSNG). Starting out I was no different to any other 17 year old teenager in the UK but with only one objective: to build as much muscle as possible and finally have a six-pack that everyone would be jealous of. It also didn’t hurt when trying to score the ladies, so to speak!

My younger self started out with a very simple mentality, one very simple motto – because I knew nothing of the health and fitness industry, the best I could do was set myself one very simple goal at a time but I would stop at nothing until I achieved it! I quickly became addicted to that feeling of achievement! Fast forward a couple of decades and although there’s a lot of mileage on the clock, one thing has remained the same and that’s the mentality and the addiction – “make a simple goal and stop at nothing until I achieve it”. That mentality has been the floor bed of NSNG.

It’s more than just fitness to me. Being a “gym-goer” and living this routine is about confidence. What I never told you was that the younger Shane Williams, the 17 year old boy from South London, was very shy and very insecure, a young man who felt that a gym was the last place he belonged! I made those goals and I learnt very quickly that I wasn’t only learning how to use gym equipment or how to get a six-pack but much more than that! I was learning how to overcome any and every obstacle, both in and outside the gym and my confidence grew with every session!

NSNG to me is making you believe you can overcome any and every obstacle, both in and outside the gym. You won’t only hear my words, YOU WILL FEEL MY WORDS and I pride myself on my past successes. I believe in myself, I believe that I can achieve anything I put my mind to and I have mastered exactly how to make this happen. Now I’m going to show you exactly how to create the same mindset. You will live NSNG, believing you can do anything you put your mind to! ARE YOU READY?

I started training with Shane to generally tone up. What I achieved with Shane’s help was far more than this! Using various bodyweight exercises, I improved my overall strength and fitness so much and I was able to perform exercises I would have never attempted on my own. Each workout is tailored to you, so you can achieve exactly what you have wanted. Shane is so helpful, he is willing to share his expert knowledge and his dedication is clear. He is a very energetic person, committed and inspiration… I can not recommend him enough !

- Cosmina Pircalabescu ,HR Professional.

Shane has been my personal trainer for over 4 years. He tailors each session to the specific needs of his clients, introduces fun new ways to exercise (I never knew I loved boxing until then!) and is genuinely concerned for his client’s wellbeing. I enjoy each and every session, and always feel it has been a great investment of my time and money. If this was a comparison website, Shane would be getting 6 stars out of 5!

- Stuart Dodds, Owner of Positive Pricing Limited.

Shane is definitely not a life changer but an eye opener that, he is.Ever since I started working I’ve pretty much neglected my well being, 15 years driven by career along with two children pretty much takes the toll and gets you to come up with plenty of excuses not to look after yourself.Then one day comes Shane, who very bluntly put it as you either pay attention to yourself, your activity, your food or you won’t be around to enjoy the family nor reap any rewards of hard work.Of course we all know this but for some reason his tone and determination brought this home. So, no more excuses, have been committed to being trained by Shane and following his routes and advice and hey, haven’t felt nor been like this since I was younger. Not because I want to grow muscle or all that but because I am stretching myself as I’ve never done before and it feels good. Thank you Shane for driving this transformation, No Shane, definitely no Gain.

- Antonio Simoes ,Director Sales & Marketing